An App on Nokia’s Ovi Store Sees 160% More Downloads Than in Apple’s App Store

According to a new report from Research2Guidance, apps on Nokia’s Ovi App Store are seeing significantly higher download rates than Apple’s App Store.  Before getting too excited, however, it’s important to put this into perspective.

The research firm rates the amount of times a single app was downloaded on average and found that, on Nokia’s Ovi Store, the same app was downloaded 160% more times than on Apple’s App Store.  Apple has nearly 10 times the amount of apps that the Ovi Store currently has, however, and it appears that the discovery issue that’s plagued the App Store as it’s grown larger and larger continues to hurt developers eager for downloads.

A lack of competition is driving developers to smaller App platforms as well and, in the case of Nokia’s platform, they’re seeing much higher download ratios as a result.  In fact, both the Windows Phone Marketplace and Blackberry’s App World offer significantly higher download rates than Apple’s, at 80% and 43% respectively.  Granted, these platforms would be dealing with the same low numbers if they possessed as many apps as Apple, so staying relatively small and independent is the winning combination at the moment.