An ‘Angry Mobile Mob’ Fights to Silence Rush Limbaugh

With the unprecedented amount of of controversy that presently surrounds the always-controversial conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh, the mobile channel is the latest avenue critics are taking in an attempt to silence the veteran media icon.

On Monday, it was reported that Premiere Radio Networks is being flooded with requests from companies to remove their radio ads during the Rush Limbaugh Show. Premiere, which distributes Limbaugh’s program, has been reeling in recent weeks following a scandal that seriously threatens Rush Limbaugh’s broadcasting career for the first time.

According to Mike Randazzo, an independent business analyst and social media expert formerly with E! Entertainment television as a broadcast personality, the mobile channel is being used effectively to lead efforts to get Rush Limbaugh yanked from the airwaves.

“You’re seeing everything from digital petitions to mobile apps springing up,” he says, each of which is aimed at taking down the talk radio  titan. “The FCC is being pelted with requests and complains and the number coming from mobile devices, social networks, and other digital platforms is astonishing.”

If we inhabit a world where mobile devices can help bring down governments and their leaders, Randazzo says, it will be interesting to see if and how a similar approach will impact an American media personality.

“Whether you agree with them or not, an angry mob is out to get Rush,” Randazzo says. “And they’ve gone mobile.”