Amy Jo Johnson Launches New Site for The Space Between

12191222_903311396384611_1297799670700375945_oIn the fall of 2014, MMW reported that actress and filmmaker Amy Jo Johnson had just successfully funded her third film project (The Space Between) in two years on Indiegogo.

Indiegogo, if you’re not familiar, is a digital crowd funding platform for artists, entrepreneurs and tech makers all looking to bring their projects to life with a little help from a supportive community of believers and backers.

Johnson has proven a brilliant social media and digital marketer, achieving her $75,000 funding goal in just 15 days (in a 35-day campaign). How did she do it?

It was all about engagement and incentives (which is true of any marketing campaign).

Amy Jo masterfully marketed her Indiegogo campaign in a very refreshing and honest way, while also showcasing her impressive vision and undeniable talents as a filmmaker in a manner that resonated with people.

Production for The Space Between — a heartfelt comedy about a man who discovers his child is not his own — has since wrapped and the film is now set to hit the festival circuit before its general release in 2017.

But for Johnson, today is a big day along her journey to completing the project. On Friday morning, the official website for The Space Between officially launched, giving fans an supporters an opportunity to take a good look at what their steadfast support and Johnson’s innumerable talents were able to jointly bring to life.

To check out the official site for Johnson’s forthcoming film, click here.