Amobee Takes the PULSE of 3D Mobile Advertising

Amobee Takes the PULSE of 3D Mobile AdvertisingMobile ad giant Amobee is sounding the horn today about the next generation launch of its 3D mobile advertising platform, PULSE 3D.

The new platform empowers advertisers to create realistic 3D ads that allow mobile users to engage with products in ways never possible before, Amobee says.

So what are PULSE 3D ads, exactly?

Accoriding to Amobee, they are based on a new hybrid architecture of HTML5 and native device technology to achieve maximum reach, engagement, and performance. As a result, PULSE 3D ads are not only three-dimensional, but incorporate app-like features, location-based customization, as well as other forms of rich media, including video, expandable image galleries, interactivity and gamification.

With PULSE 3D smart adaptation, advertisers can develop a single creative, which then gracefully scales across iOS and now Android mobile devices. Additionally, PULSE 3D ads can scale across 3D- and 2D-capable publisher inventory.

“Our mission is to create the world¹s most beautiful, engaging ads to build lasting brand relationships,” said Trevor Healy, CEO of Amobee. “PULSE 3D gives advertisers the ability to put their products in people¹s hands and explore them in ways otherwise only possible in a store. With mobile commerce on a fast trajectory, creating visceral experiences on mobile devices will become a ‘must’ for advertisers.”

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