Amobee Introduces ‘User Generated Ad’ Unit for Mobile Advertising

The team at Amobee wants to remove the disclaimer “don’t try this at home” from the mobile advertising experience.

On Thursday, Amobee – a mobile advertising firm – announced that it has developed a “unique advertising unit” for the Windows Phone operating system.

The ad unit, which is called User Generated Ad (UGA), will be available to brands and advertisers worldwide later this year.

In a nutshell, UGA will allow consumers to determine the ads they wish to receive on their Windows Phone based on their preferences and behaviors.

UGA will be delivered in the form of a Live Tile directly to consumers’ Windows Phones and will allow Windows Phone users to determine what ads they want, and when they want them.

“UGA will change the relationship between brands and consumers from a one-to-many relationship to a personal relationship,” the company says. “Furthermore, ads will be delivered in a rich media format, which will make the ads fun, interactive and effective.”

As smartphones have become the ultimate personal devices, personalized mobile ads are a natural step forward in the evolution of mobile advertising, Amobee argues.

“We have seen the early success of the Nokia Lumia handset and really believe that the Microsoft Live Tiles and Metro UI are a perfect format for delivering personalized ads directly to each user’s Windows Phone,” said Trevor Healy, CEO of Amobee. “Why should advertisers ever decide what users want? Let users get the ads and information they want, and when they want it!”