Amethon Solutions Enters US Market With Mobile Analytics Platform

Mobile Analyticsgo2 Media is deploying the first Mobile Analytics platform in the US for Australian based Amethon Solutions today. go2 was looking for the capacity to analyze mobile traffic on their mobile content networks to improve their relationships with their advertisers.

Here’s a quote from Michael Stone, President of Amethon:

“We are excited to be working with go2 Media as they are a pioneer in the competitive and challenging mobile content environment. Amethon’s in depth experience in the areas of web analytics and mobile services position us with an insightful solution for go2 Media and other mobile content publishers to achieve a greater understanding of both their users and advertisers needs”

Amethons’ Mobile Analytics solution has a clever approach to measuring metrics; their application does not rely on log files or client side JavaScript, their heuristics are upstream measuring all protocol traffic patterns right at the Network Switch by copying the packets right on down to an analytics appliance. The reporting system reads from the analytics appliance.

Mobile Analytics Application Framework

In addition to some standard web metrics and the Amethon solution offers the following real-time mobile metrics:

  • Handset Brand
  • Handset Model
  • Screen Resolution
  • Wireless Carrier Identification (Country of Origin)
  • Country of Origin
  • Reverse DNS / GEO Location

You can check out their Mobile Analytics offering here or download the product brochure. I like their approach on how they’re measuring the traffic patterns but I don’t think the Amethon platform has the features Mobilytics came out of the gate with, Mobilytics has similar features on the mobile metric piece plus they have:

  • Goal & Revenue Tracking
  • An API to the Analytics engine
  • Ad Campaign Tracker

What mobile analytics solution are you using and why?