American Eagle Outfitters Takes a Fresh New Approach to mCommerce

American Eagle Outfitters Takes a Fresh New Approach to mCommerceMost retailers agree that they see mCommerce playing a vital role in the future of their long-term success. Yet, most are still looking for ways to position themselves accordingly. This is why many retailers have invested in mobile apps, which allow consumers to make purchases directly through the app.

In a recent post on the Mobile Commerce Daily blog, American Eagle Outfitter’s new approach to mCommerce was explored.

In order to prepare for the upcoming holiday season, the teen retailer added the “pinch and zoom” feature to the images of their clothing and accessories, as well more in-depth product descriptions.

They also simplified the checkout process with a one page checkout, and a feature that allows shoppers to scan their credit card through the app. While the new and improved output looks great, unfortunately, it still lacks the social media integration that many retailers are turning to for mCommerce.

“Mobile commerce continues to be the fastest growing area of ecommerce and while its percentage of overall retail is still relatively small, if retailers do not have a strong mobile app experience they risk losing mobile savvy customers,” the report reads.

Fortunately for American Eagle Outfitters, the retailer is at least on the right track to retain a large segment of their increasingly mobile-savvy customers.