Amazon to Challenge iTunes in Apple’s Own Digital Backyard

Some are calling the effort well-timed. Others say its foolish. But all agree it’s bold.

This week, Amazon confirmed that it’s 22-million song catalog is coming to the iPhone and iPod touch for the first time in a move that clearly positions Amazon in direct competition with iTunes from inside the iOS ecosystem.

Not only is the Amazon MP3 store optimized specifically for iPhone and iPod touch, users are even given the opportunity to discover and buy digital music from the teeming music catalog referenced above.

Music purchases are automatically saved to customers’ Cloud Player libraries and can be downloaded or played instantly from any iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Kindle Fire, Android phone or tablet, Roku, Sonos home entertainment system, or any web browser.

Analogous to what your expectations might be, customers also have access to favorite Amazon features like personalized recommendations, best-seller lists and Amazon customer ratings.

“Since the launch of the Amazon Cloud Player app for iPhone and iPod touch, a top request from customers has been the ability to buy music from Amazon right from their devices,” says Steve Boom, Vice President of Amazon Music. “For the first time ever, iOS users have a way do that – now they can access Amazon’s huge catalog of music, features like personalized recommendations, deals like albums for $5, songs for $0.69, and they can buy their music once and use it everywhere.”

The digital doors have now opened to shoppers. To check out what all the fuss is about, click here.