Amazon Takes Aim at Wearable Tech Market

Amazon Takes Aim at Wearable Tech MarketAs mHealthWatch reported Wednesday, Amazon is launching a wearable technology store, a strategic effort by the eCommerce giant to position itself to be the central hub for wearable tech shopping.

“All of the brands one would expect to find in this category are featured,” the eCommerce Times reports. The carefully crafted site is organized into various product categories. And the heavy-hitters in smartwatches and wearables are front and center – Samsung, Jawbone, GoPro, Narrative, Bionym, and more.

Acknowledging the relative newness of this category, Amazon has included a Learning Center on the storefront that sports product videos and buying guides. More edgy content can be found in the Editor’s Corner. On Wednesday, for example, Gizmodo contributed a piece on machines that run on body heat.

Philip Rooke, CEO of Spreadshirt, says the lesson here is that “electronic content providers have to get very good at providing good content.”

With time, and better educational content and more effective marketing, wearables will continue to gain in popularity and become the truly “must have” products we are told that they are.

To check out Amazon’s wearable technology store, click here.