Amazon Rolls Out ‘Send to Kindle’ Button

According to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, the profitability of eBooks is through the roof, as this “multi-billion dollar category” enjoyed a 70 percent sales increase in 2012 alone.

Not surprisingly, Amazon is doing everything in its power to improve the Kindle experience for it’s many satisfied and returning customers. That much was apparent again today when Amazon launched the “Send to Kindle” button.

We are excited to announce the “Send to Kindle Button”, a convenient new way to send content directly from a website to your Kindle. Customers can check out the Send to Kindle Button today on The Washington Post, TIME, and the popular blog Boing Boing.

“Have you ever encountered news, blogs, articles and other content on the web that you want to read but don’t have time to do so immediately?” Amazon asked in today’s announcement. “The Send to Kindle Button lets you easily send that content to your Kindle to read later, at your convenience.”

Amazon says the Send to Kindle Button is part of a family of Send to Kindle applications that make it easy for customers to send personal documents and web content to read on their Kindle.

To learn more about the latest feature from Amazon, click here.