Amazon Rolls Out New A/B Testing Capability for App Devs

Capping a long week of big initiatives and announces by the online retail giant, Amazon on Thursday heralded the beta launch of a new, free A/B Testing capability for Kindle Fire developers.

In a nutshell, A/B Testing makes it possible for developers to test simultaneous treatments of their apps, receive data about what’s worked best, and quickly adjust their apps to take advantage of this customer learning.

“A/B Testing is the latest developer service that Amazon has launched (along with Achievements, Leaderboards, Whispersync across devices, In-App Purchasing, and 1-Click Purchasing) that make it simpler than ever for app developers to concentrate on the differentiating parts of their apps rather than the undifferentiated infrastructure and engagement components,” Amazon says.

As of Amazon’s formal announcement this morning, developers can download the A/B Testing beta SDK here.

“Apps are living products continuously being updated, modified and improved, and with millions of potential active users, developers know that seemingly small changes can have a large impact on customers. Our A/B Testing service is essential for developers because it will help offload the overhead costs of building, maintaining and running scalable tests,” says Mike Frazzini, Director of Amazon Games. “We’ve drawn from our years of experience conducting and refining our own A/B testing on to bring developers a testing product that will give them the capability to perfect their apps, retain customers, and grow their business.”