Amazon Prime Day 2017: Digital Marketers Think Military, Police Support TShirts May Dominate Deals

Amazon Prime Day 2017 is approaching fast — 9pm EST on Monday July 10th. And, once again, apparel is poised to sell better than expected for the online retail giant.

For years now, tshirts have been selling online like… well… t-shirts on Amazon, with countless shirt sellers revealing a massive influx of mobile buying recently on Amazon.

According to industry speculation and the rumor mill, police support and military support tshirts are poised to post big sales again on Prime Day and through the Q4 online retail rush.

Among the best selling shirts, we’re told, are purportedly those supporting police and law enforcement.

Anything “back the blue” related is big right now, one vendor told MMW in a provided statement. The same goes for military support Red Fridays shirts.

One T-shirt vendor says its best selling premium tshirt (see above image) sells for $22.95 and reads: “Red Fridays Until All of America’s Deployed Troops Come Home.”

The firm did not reveal how many units they anticipate selling of this regularly priced $29.95 tshirt on Amazon Prime Day.

Once again, Amazon is not expected to reveal which product category will go down as the biggest winner on Amazon Prime Day, but clothing appears ready to give tech and toys a real run for their money again this year.