Amazon Likely The Next Retail Giant to Adopt Mobile Payments

Amazon may soon join the bustling crowd of mobile and tech giants clamoring to adopt mobile payment systems as rapidly as possible.

And it’s no April Fool’s prank.

According to sources speaking in confidence with Bloomberg News, may be poised to introduce a new service that would allow consumers pay for goods in physical stores using their mobile phones.

The company’s Amazon Payments unit is exploring whether to start a service based on so-called near-field-communication technology, said the people, who asked not to be named because the project isn’t public.

With time it has become increasingly clear that Amazon is eager to parlay its “dominance in Internet retailing” into mobile commerce.

According to the latest projections from Gartner, by 2014, some 340 million global mobile users will use some variety of mobile payments. All told, those transactions will total $245 billion (it was only $32 billion in 2010).

The rumor mill further notes that Amazon may even be considering the creation of “NFC-based marketing services.” How would it work? The example provided illustrates a consumer shopping for jeans “who can’t find the right size in a retail store might be able to tap a handset against the item’s NFC tag to locate the correct item for order through”