Amazon Implements Parental Controls for Kindle Fire HD

It goes without saying that tablets and smartphones are almost as prevalent in the hands of children as they are adults. From babysitting tools to entertainment devices, tablets in particular are increasingly popular among youngsters.

And with that reality comes no shortage of potential threats that parents and tablet makers want to guard against. As a result, this week Amazon pushed out a new Kindle Fire HD software update that will give parents better control over the type of content their children are exposed to.

“A new update to the 7-inch model is rolling FreeTime into Amazon’s latest tablet,” Engadget was first to report. “The upgrade gives as much flexibility as Amazon promised, letting adults introduce filters as well as cap the time their children spend with different kinds of content. Most of the remaining updates pertain to general fixes; that said, we imagine that most parents won’t mind the narrow focus once they know Junior can’t watch Kill Bill.”

For Amazon, the timing of the release is sound, especially as younger users of the Kindle Fire HD now have access to well over 22 million Android applications and bountiful games, movies, and other digital content much too mature for youthful eyes.