Amazon Fire Smart Phone: Friend For the Shopper and Marketer!

Amazon Fire Smart Phone Friend For the  Shopper and MarketerAmazon, everyone’s favorite book selling, drone-delivering company, has come out with their own smart phone.  As an announcement in June from Adweek stated: “Amazon today unveiled its highly anticipated smart phone—dubbed Amazon Fire Phone—that will give the e-commerce giant yet another piece of ammunition against retailers in its goal to own online shopping through showrooming and price comparisons.”

With powerhouse mobile devices like the iPhone already in high popularity, how will the Amazon Fire catch up? Amazon Fire, first off, will have its own individualized programs. Adweek elaborates by quoting Carl Howe, VP of data sciences at Yankee Group: “Can you imagine a phone where every single service you have is not Gmail, it’s not Google Maps, but it’s one where it’s Amazon Maps and Amazon Calendar?”

What kind of individualized programs will we find? The biggest program Amazon is banking on is called Firefly. According to, “Firefly technology allows you to identify real-world items by scanning them with your Fire phone.  These items can include books, videos, music, email addresses, barcodes, QR codes, web addresses, and phone numbers.” So in essence it is like Shazam, but with more features.

Are there other individualized programs? Absolutely! The Amazon Fire will have a program called Amazon Wallet Beta. Adweek tells us that this program, “is the online retail giant’s foray into this space with an app that serves as a hub for loyalty and gift cards.” Next is Amazon’s X-ray technology, which will either give you a summary, or some inside information of a book or TV show you download. Lastly is a tool that will allow pictures to be expanded in to 3D graphics. That feature could be great for one trying to be creative in making ads in the mobile marketing world.

The most important question, though, is will there be Candy Crush?