Amazon Bringing Voice Recognition to Kindle Fire?

Six weeks ago, juggernaut online retailer Amazon introduced the world to the Kindle Fire, an Android-powered tablet that undercuts the majority of competing tablets with its introductory price of $199.

“We’re building premium products at non-premium prices,” Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos said as the new Amazon tablet was introduced.

Upon first glance, no shortage of analysts saw the Kindle Fire as a quality tablet capable of eating into Apple’s dominant share of the tablet marketplace. Naturally, however, given that the tablet hasn’t yet reached consumers, it remains to be seen if buyers are equally as excited by the new Amazon tablet.

What’s more evident is Amazon’s plan to make the Kindle Fire as close to the iOS tablet experience as possible.

Based on the revelation coming to light in a new Securities and Exchange Commission filing, Amazon has quietly acquired voice recognition firm Yap. Why? Amazon appears to be looking to implement its own voice recognition technology in a future Kindle tablet.

Though the acquisition was apparently completed in September, no public announcement has been made by either company.