Amazon Appstore Growing Rapidly

Amazon Appstore Growing RapidlyFrom Amazon’s thriving role in the world of tablets, to the company’s entry this week into the smartphone arena, the world’s foremost online retailer is expanding rapidly and successfully into thriving new markets.

But Amazon’s appstore shouldn’t be forgotten about in the process.

Amazon confirms that Amazon Appstore selection has nearly tripled in the past year and developers continue to report strong monetization from the apps they offer in the store.

“The Amazon Appstore now has over 240,000 apps and games, is available in nearly 200 countries and on a multitude of devices,” the company says. “Additionally, Amazon Coins have become widely popular—customers have spent hundreds of millions of Amazon Coins on apps, games and in-app items. The broad growth in the Amazon Appstore is enticing developers—the number of new developers joining the Amazon Appstore per month close to doubled in the last year.”

According to an IDC survey commissioned by Amazon, developers building apps and games for Kindle Fire are making at least as much money (often more) on the Kindle Fire platform as on any other mobile platform.