Amazon, Apple, Other Tech Giants Go Diving for Domains

The .com landscape of the tech world may be changing forever.

According to an AP report out of Europe on Wednesday, proposals for Internet addresses ending in a variety of personalized domains number in the thousands.

Apple, Amazon, Sony, and American Express are among the 2,000 companies seeking names with their brands. If approved – and some, but not all, will be – the current roster of 300 active domain suffixes will grow significantly in the coming years.

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers announced the proposals for Internet suffixes, the “.com” part of an Internet address, in London on Wednesday. There were 1,930 proposals for 1,409 different suffixes.

Among the most likely candidates for approval are “.microsoft,” “.bing,” “.android,” “.amazon,” and “.apple.”

Almost half of the domain suffix proposals – which cost $185,000 for each company just to pitch – came from North America. 675 requests originated from Europe.

It could take upwards of two years for decisions regarding the approval or denial of the requests to be made.

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