Amazon Announces App Engagement Reports

Amazon is touting the release of Engagement Reports, a free zero-integration service that provides data on app usage.

It goes without saying that Amazon is making yet another overture toward app developers in hopes of winning over their affection and their wares.

Amazon, however, also says the new Engagement Reports are precisely in line with what developers have been requesting.

This has been a popular request from developers, who want to better understand how customers interact with their apps. Engagement Reports include daily and monthly active devices, installs, sessions, average revenue per device, and retention. Each report can be filtered by marketplace, viewed in chart form, or downloaded as a CSV.

Among the information contained in these Engagement Reports includes:

  • Overview: A summary of key usage data for your app or game
  • Average Revenue: Daily and Monthly Average Revenue per Device (ARPD) and Average Revenue per Paid User (ARPPU) for In-App Items
  • Retention: Daily Retention for days 1-3-7 and Weekly Retention for weeks 1-2-3
  • Active Devices: Daily Active Devices (DAD), Monthly Active Devices (MAD), and Sticky Factor (DAD/MAD)
  • Sessions: Total Daily Sessions and Average Sessions Per Device
  • App Installs: Daily Installs and Uninstalls

Amazon says its Engagement Reports are available for apps submitted and published after October 25, 2012.