ALS Ice Bucket Challenge: Marketing Lessons Learned

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Marketing Lessons LearnedThe ALS “Ice Bucket Challenge” has attracted the attention of celebrities and everyday American’s alike. A recent post on the North American Bancard blog shared what business owners can learn from the challenge. Here’s what the online and mobile payments experts had to say:

How Something Simple Can Go Viral

The Ice Bucket Challenge is an excellent example of how a short video clip speaks volumes, and can go viral. Videos can be quickly and easily be shared on social media, and spread like wildfire.

It’s Simple

The challenge has nothing to do with ALS, but it is a simple activity (although extremely cold) that anyone can participate in—and it allows people near and far to connect with one another.

It’s Creative

It calls attention to ALS, and has generated millions in donations—without most asking for money in their video clips.

Keep the ALS Challenge in mind next time you are fundraising on behalf of your business, or any time you create online videos—because fun and engaging is more effective than sales heavy.