Alpha Software Touts Rapid Mobile App Development ‘Without Limits’

TV in a Multi-Screen World Council for Research Excellence Reveals Study FindingsAlpha Software Corporation, a firm MMW has covered in the past as the team at Alpha ramped up ways in which developers build and deploy mobile and web business apps, has just announced the availability of Alpha Anywhere V4.

This release, we’re told, adds powerful capabilities to the Alpha Anywhere mobile and web application development and deployment environment, including the ability to access all mobile device features and a new mobile optimized forms capability that fundamentally streamlines data capture on mobile devices.

The release was extensively tested by thousands of Alpha Software customers during a six-month beta, a news release shared with MMW posits.

“Although there are other web and mobile RAD tools out there, they can be very expensive and, the easier companies try to make them, the less flexible and powerful they tend to be,” said Tim Bochard, vice president of information technology, Glacier Water Services, and Alpha Anywhere V4 beta tester. “At Glacier, we want a tool that is not only fast and easy, but has no limits – Alpha Anywhere V4 has the horsepower to make it easy for us.”

At the start of this year, Alpha Anywhere became the only mobile app development technology awarded an InfoWorld 2016 Technology of the Year Award and last month, Alpha Anywhere debuted on the Gartner Peer Insights website as the only mobile app development vendor given a perfect score by IT professionals.

“Companies are scrambling to mobilize hundreds of business processes and applications. The demand for mobile applications to speed the pace of business, is, paradoxically, slowing businesses down as they try to keep up with explosive demand for mobile apps,” said Alpha Software Corporation CEO, Richard Rabins. “We created Alpha Anywhere to provide total confidence to developers, that no matter what challenges a business faces in app development, problems can be solved while still remaining highly productive because of Alpha Anywhere’s coding optional/low code approach.”