Alohar Mobile Rolls Out New Platform for Building Context-Aware Apps

Alohar Mobile Rolls Out New Platform for Building Context-Aware AppsOn Tuesday, MMW was briefed by the crew at Alohar Mobile Inc., an Alibaba company, regarding the launch of the Alohar Mobile Platform.

So what’s the platform all about?

According to a provided statement, the platform is a powerful context-aware developer platform—for iOS and Android devices.

With the Alohar Mobile Platform, developers can create easy-to-use applications that automatically recognize the end-user’s location, place and time information. Intelligent mobile applications can be developed for any category, including social networking, smart personal assistant, shopping and coupons, travel and enterprise workforce management.

“The Alohar Platform enables app developers to build mobile apps that are persistent, personalized, proactive and predictive,” said Sam Liang, CEO of Alohar Mobile. “Being persistent allows apps to detect context automatically without requiring the user to manually open the app. Personalized means the app can learn user preferences in the background and enhance the overall experience based on interests. Past behavior allows the app to anticipate and predict what a user may need and then proactively offer services even before they are manually requested.”

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