Almost Two-Thirds of American Homes Now Have Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi has turned out to be dramatically prevalent in U.S. today.

According to data freshly published Thursday from Strategy Analytics, nearly two-thirds of all American households (61%) now have Wi-Fi networks installed.

Strategy Analytics says a grand total of 439 million households in the world now have Wi-Fi at home, which amounts to about a quarter of all homes in the world.

On an individual basis, the U.S. leads Spain (57.1%), Mexico (31.5%) and India (2.5%), while trailing South Korea (80.3%), the UK (73.3%) and Canada (67.8%).

Due to its massive population, China already has the most Wi-Fi households in the world, even though just 25% of homes are wired for WiFi.

Based on the projection made by Strategy Analytics, the total global number of Wi-Fi households will hit 800 million by 2016. That’s a penetration rate of 42 percent, Strategy Analytics estimates.