Alltel and Samsung To Do Business in Movie Promos

Mobile Marketing isn’t mission impossible for some. For Alltell and Samsung, however, it is. Literally.

The two giants are partnering to provide customers with a 2GB microSD card pre-loaded with the Mission Impossible movie trilogy whenever they purchase a Samsung Delve from Alltel.

Behind the deal is Paramount Digital Entertainment, which has been a hotbed and harbinger of mobile marketing activity for some time now. This deal, which is made in conjunction with Paramount, marks the first time Samsung and Paramount have done business together to bring feature films to consumers “without passing on the cost to carriers or consumers,” Alltel said.

More importantly (for Altel at least) is that the move could also be seen as a way to add some spark to Alltel’s brand following its acquisition by Verizon Wireless.

So how do you get the Mission Impossible trilogy? The microSD card is available with the purchase of the Delve through April 16. Alltel is selling the Delve for $49.99 with a two-year contract. After purchasing the Delve, customers can send in a mail-in redemption card to receive the microSD card.