All Things Old Made New Again? Email Is Top Category for More Marketing Money in 2015

All Things Old Made New Again Email Is Top Category for More Marketing Money in 2015It’s not going away — and it just might get better.

Yes, we’re talking about email, the death of which has been fraudulently foretold for some time.

But as a matter of fact, when business executives worldwide were recently polled, email took the top spot as the number one marketing program into which they expect to pour more money in the new year.

“More than six in 10 respondents said they’d up investments in the channel, compared with fewer than 50 percent for second-place social media and 40.2 percent for number 3 mobile—often viewed as hotter than email,” according to eMarketer.

The global poll was conducted in December, 2014 by StrongView in partnership with SENSORPRO.

“Email has to evolve to stay relevant, and responses indicated that the channel would be all about tailored messaging this year,” said eMarketer. “Triggered/transactional programs and lifecycle programs were the top two on which respondents intended to increase email spending, cited by 42.2 percent and 41.4 percent, respectively. That marketers planned to up investments in these tactics makes sense—they’re targeted and personalized, which is key to satisfying consumer demands for those exact experiences.”

This trend is a continuing one, not a new one. Research by Econsultancy completed just two months before the poll revealed that email was the top channel for marketers worldwide. The ability to bring personalization to the digital experience was cited by more than three-quarters of those surveyed.