All Eyes on India This Week

Reading my newspaper imported directly from India this morning (come on, who doesn’t?) I was both intrigued and encouraged to learn of mobile marketing’s growth in one of the most rapidly growing economies of the world.

With mobile advertising having grossed a global total of $3 billion last year, and global mobile commerce expected to grow to become an estimated $88 billion industry by 2009, the mobile phone is rapidly becoming an attractive media option for advertisers in India. Believe it or not, many US firms that don’t do business in the US are now finding clients in India. Indeed, mobile marketing is on a steady rise in India, with the cell phone user base in the country now exceeding 300 million.

Yet, according to the article, “marketers are still grappling with some fundamental questions pertaining to mobile marketing – issues like how mobile advertising can used strategically for consumer connect, evaluation of mobile content profitability and measurement of mobile marketing ROI. ”

It’s in this context that The Economic Times presents the third edition of its annual Mobile Marketing Summit. The day-long summit, being held on October 15 at Mumbai’s ITC Grand Maratha Sheraton will see a selection of industry experts coming together and sharing views on the future of the medium.

Keep an eye on any media coverage of this event as it becomes available. I’m certain there will be no shortage of helpful suggestions about the future of the mobile marketing industry in growing economies and new global territories.