All About That Video: New Study Says Video Ad Viewability Increased to 39% Last Quarter

All About That Video New Study Says Video Ad Viewability Increased to 39 Percent Last QuarterReady for a new Meghan Trainor song? Maybe like one entitled “All About That Video”?

Yes, we know. She won’t do it. But advertisers are singing it.

“Viewability of video ads increased from 30 percent in Q3 2014 to 39 percent in Q4 2014, according to a new report by Integral Ad Science, which measures media quality across hundreds of billions of impressions,” according to a recent post at Video Nuze.

“Viewability is defined by the MRC standard of 50 percent of an ad’s pixels in the viewable space of the browser page, for at least 2 continuous seconds,” Video Nuze explained.

Along with the increase in viewability, Integral Ad Science also found an increase in completion rate for video ads, from 20 percent in in Q3 2014 to 26 percent in Q4 2014. Brand risk, a measurement of unsavory content, also increased slightly during the quarter from 18.7 percent to 20.7 percent, which the company explained as being due to increased supply of lower quality ad inventory meant to capitalize on advertiser demand.

What does it all add up to? Video, baby. All the way.

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