Alimama Launching ‘First Big Data Platform’ Based on Real Audiences

Alimama Launching 'First Big Data Platform' Based on Real AudiencesLast week, Alimama held a press conference in Beijing announcing the launch of their “Dharma Sword.”

What is that, exactly?

It’s billed as being a data-driven brand marketing platform.
Attendees at the press conference included Alimama executives who jointly unveiled the Dharma Sword platform and announced their expectations for the platform to become the “dominant player in the sector.”

Amid a fast changing consumption market, Alimama’s Dharma Sword enables brand advertisers to better approach true target audiences as a means to drive successful brand marketing.

The company says its Dharma Sword is the first holistic big data marketing product launched by Alimama after merged the China’s leading ad platform-AdChina.

“Leveraging Alibaba Group’s unique consuming data sets, universal ID system  and one-stop cross-screen media reach services, the Dharma Sword platform will start offering brand advertisers big data marketing services covering all digital media,” the company said in a statement provided to media outlets.