Airwide Targets Prepaid Customers with Real-Time Loyalty & Profiling Solution

This year’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain is illustrating like never before how sophisticated the goals have become for many mobile marketing firms and solutions providers.

A prime example of such is Airwide Solutions, an emerging provider of cutting edge mobile messaging infrastructure, applications and solutions. Today Airwide rolled out what they’re calling a “real-time loyalty & profiling solution.” The aim of the endeavor is to help mobile operators “drive incremental lifetime value” across the subscriber base. That, of course, includes evasive prepaid customers.

The announcement at MWC also revealed Airwide’s partnership with Business Logic Systems, a firm that knows a thing or two about real-time prepaid marketing campaign automation and customer loyalty solutions. For Airwide, BLS brings to the table a wealth of knowledge and experience with enabling mobile operators to “stimulate top-ups and usage, reward loyalty and reactivate dormant subscribers.”

As noted by Airwide executives during the announcement, prepaid customers have proven a difficult nut to crack in terms of mobile marketing. While the prepaid customer base continues to grow by leaps and bounds, mobile operators have lagged behind their potential in successfully marketing to these subscribers and, consequently, increasing their life time value.

“Operators have sophisticated mechanisms to market to and manage their relationships with postpaid subscribers,” says Jay Seaton, CMO of Airwide Solutions. “Yet in most cases the majority of their subscriber base is prepaid, and there is little visibility to these subscribers, and traditional marketing methods do not work. This is increasingly causing significant business problems including increasing churn and lost revenue as operators have no meaningful relationship with these subscribers.”

As one would expect, Airwide’s “Real-Time Loyalty and Profiling Solution” is rooted in real-time, interactive campaign management from a messaging perspective. By employing messaging for immediate, high-impact and ubiquitous campaigns, Airwide says operators will have an “unparalleled means” of boosting revenue from all subscriber populations – including those difficult to reach prepaid customers.