AirWatch and Appthority Partner to Help ‘Manage Mobile App Risk’

APPTHORITY LOGOWith the number of security threats and risks targeting our mobile devices almost as numerous as the apps at our disposal, many security industry experts are lauding the new partnership between Appthority and AirWatch.

Appthority, a recognized leader in App Risk Management, and AirWatch, a massive enterprise mobility management (EMM) provider,  announced that AirWatch EMM is being integrated with Appthority’s fully automated App Risk Management service for “speedy app analysis and risk management.”

According to details shared this week by the two companies, the Appthority partnership with AirWatch addresses a “critical problem” in empowering employees to access mobile applications.
In short, Appthority now integrates with AirWatch to provide “full visibility” into the presence of malware, security frameworks, privacy issues and risky behaviors of apps within AirWatch EMM deployments.

Administrators can now sync current application inventory with Appthority to quickly analyze each app installed across all company-managed mobile devices and automatically assign an Appthority Trust Score (ATS) to each app.

“Mobile apps are increasing employee productivity and satisfaction, but businesses need to address the security concerns that these apps pose,” says Kevin Keith, director of business development at AirWatch. “By partnering with Appthority, we’re giving AirWatch customers even more insight into app behavior so that they can manage risk accordingly and safeguard corporate data.”