Airpush Touts Biggest Month for Developers, Successful SDK Launch

As MMW reported last week, Android mobile ad network Airpush has thoroughly excited developers and advertisers with the release of its new SDK.

Incredibly, we’re already beginning to see some tremendous success among the early adopters of the SDK’s sophisticated tools and other advanced capabilities.

The flagship feature of the SDK – SmartWall, an interstitial mobile ad format which dynamically optimizes between multiple sub-formats – is drawing wide praise so far.

Initial data shows that click through rates for advertisers are approaching 16% with SmartWall. Similarly, developers are naturally enjoying CPMs averaging $9.55.

During testing, SmartWall generated significantly higher CPM’s than other leading full-page ad formats and represents a major leap forward for both developers and advertisers.

In addition to the hype that comes from the prospect of generating bigger revenue from Airpush via this impressive slate of new resources, some folks I’ve connected with in the mobile app developer space concur that Airpush has succeeded by virtue of going above and beyond the call of the duty.

SDK 5.0 was planned, for example, to coincide with the recently revised Google Developer Policy, as well as guidelines published by mobile security firm Lookout. This is a reality that is greatly appreciated and respected by developers and advertisers alike.

Additionally, the new SDK even includes deep integration with Bugsense, a leading platform for app monitoring and crash analytics. The partnership between the companies will provide free access to Bugsense for over 40,000 apps in the Airpush network.

Auspiciously for Airpush, details of the new SDK’s powerful launch comes on the heels of Airpush’s recently published new developer payout numbers. For the month of July 2012, Airpush paid out $2 million to its developers. Airpush says this represents the largest and most productive month yet for the mobile ad network.