Airpush Takes Top Honors as ‘Best Mobile Ad Network’

Given the intense and stellar competition among mobile ad networks today, it isn’t a walk in the park to capture the title of “Best Mobile Ad Network.” But …

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Given the intense and stellar competition among mobile ad networks today, it isn’t a walk in the park to capture the title of “Best Mobile Ad Network.” But late last week at the 2012 Mobile Excellence Awards in Los Angeles, California, Airpush took top honors by being named “Best Mobile Ad Network.”

The annual MEAs honor excellence in entertainment and mobile technology. Fittingly, the MEAs recognize the companies that set the bar of excellence as leaders in their respective industry. Not surprisingly, the team at Airpush was honored and humbled to receive such lofty industry accolades.

For industry observers, however, Airpush taking the top prize wasn’t a big shock. In August, when Airpush unveiled its latest SDK update, the release quickly garnered industry-wide praise and critical user acclaim. Airpush, some were fast to acknowledge, had raised the bar on monetizing mobile and empowering developers and mobile advertisers with cutting-edge new tools and resources.

Even before the new SDK wowed developers and mobile advertisers alike, the company released growth numbers showing its network doubling in size each quarter. By May of 2012, in fact, Airpush had become the 2nd largest Android mobile ad network in the world.

Nonetheless, the nominated mobile ad networks at this year’s MEAs were judged on a comprehensive review of each organization’s strategic initiatives, impact of their technology on the industry, creativity of implementation, ease of use, reach and ability to demonstrate successful implementation in the market. A panel of MEA judges chose Airpush based on an “impressive and consistent string of major successes that the company has had over the course of the past year.”

“Receiving the Best Mobile Ad Network Award at the 2012 MEAs caps off a truly amazing year for us at Airpush,” commented Asher Delug, Founder and CEO of Airpush, following his company’s selection as the top ad network. “We have been working incredibly hard to create the best way for advertisers to reach consumers and developers to generate reliable revenue that helps them to bring new products to market,” he added. “Throughout 2012 we have seen the results of these efforts pay off in terms of dramatic growth of our network, huge payout increases for our developers and consistently increasing ROI for our advertisers. This award is yet another recognition of our work and a validation that the innovation we are bringing to the industry is helping advertisers and developers around the world to reach and exceed their business goals.”

To learn more about Airpush, click here.

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