Airpush Chief Talks Mobile Advertising on Bloomberg TV

This week on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg West,” Asher Delug – founder and chief executive officer of Airpush – joined Bloomberg’s Nicole Lapin to discuss the state of mobile advertising and Airpush’s successful business model.

As MMW covered in detail last month, Airpush recently rolled out its new SDK 5.0. And the second largest ad network for Android is now being praised in response to the SDK’s sophisticated tools and sources.

Click through rates for advertisers have ballooned to around 16% through Airpush’s new SmartWall platform. Equally impressive is that developers are getting CPMs averaging $9.55.

Today on Bloomberg TV, Delug took time to set the record straight on Airpush’s role in the mobile ad industry.

“Consumers can easily opt out of all the ads,” Delug told Bloomberg TV, illustrating the steps Airpush has taken to make mobile ads more accountable to and respectful of user wishes.

Perhaps even more impressive to the mobile ad community than Airpush’s success and monetization capabilities is the ad network’s commitment to leading industry guidelines and best practices.

The new Airpush SDK, for example, was designed to coincide with the recently revised Google Developer Policy. Airpush was even sensitive to the guidelines touted by mobile security company Lookout.

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