Air2Web Lives Up To Expectations Across The Board

I’m always interested to learn more about companies that proclaim to be a “complete mobile marketing agency.” Since many falter in terms of their actual ability to live up to the “complete” aspect without outsourcing certain elements of the mobile marketing to other organizations, I have remained impressed by the good words I continue to hear about Air2Web.

Setting a “vigorous path and pace” to new heights in mobile marketing, Air2Web, a mobile marketing firm that specializes in linking consumers with brands, has announced “major corporate milestones” poised to expand their capabilities and secure a perch atop the mobile marketing heap.

According to the company’s website, so far in 2008, Air2Web has:

  • Launched a new Agency Programs practice, the first initiative designed to help marketing agencies with implementing and tracking mobile marketing campaigns for their clients
  • Continued to receive third-party validation for its technology innovation and growth, being awarded with the Technology Association of Georgia’s Top 40 Innovators award and Frost & Sullivan’s 2008 North American Mobility award for the second year in a row
  • Launched new Mobile Marketing Solution Series, a game-changing approach to how brands and marketers interact with consumers via mobile devices

“Air2Web’s recent achievements have furthered our company’s position as a leader in the mobile marketing industry,” said Bill Jones, president of Air2Web. “We continually center our work on the belief that all marketing starts with a conversation. More than ever, consumers are willing to interact with brands across multiple platforms. Air2Web’s solutions are targeted to easily initiate that conversation via mobile and provide a way for brands and agencies to develop successful campaigns that are relevant to their customers.”

Anyone looking for information on comprehensive mobile marketing campaigns or how to astutely manage a mobile marketing firm would be wise to check out Air2Web online.