Agree To Advertising, Get Free Music On Orange Mobile

screen_tonic.gifOrange Mobile has partnered with location-based mobile marketing agency ScreenTonic to deliver advertisements on the music portion of their “Orange World” mobile internet platform. If users agree to receive the advertising, they can receive free, or discounted music downloads. The effort’s part of a 3 month trial to see how effective the model could work, and whether it should be used on other parts of their mobile content platform.

800,000 of Orange’s 15.6 million mobile customers will be given the option to download a variety of music content from four different genres (Urban, Pop, Rock, & Dance) to their mobile devices for free, or at a discounted rate, making it the largest trial of its kind in the UK. Over 500 music tracks will be available for the trial, and advertisers will have the opportunity to have their banners placed prominently during the content purchase process, giving the greatest exposure and the most captive audience.

ScreenTonic was chosen for the trial because of the success of their mobile advertising platform named STAMP. Orange has used the platform in the past, when ScreenTonic was in it’s infancy in 2003, when they launched their first large-scale solution for a mobile portal for Orange France. STAMP is a comprehensive advertising solution that incorporates nearly every aspect of a mobile campaign including device compatibility and integrated inventory and delivery systems. From their Website…

…STAMP™ manages all the specifics of mobile phones and can target the delivery of the ad in keeping with the technical criteria, such as handset capabilities (particularly audio capacities, video, screen size and Java), the portal formats (WAP, XHTML, video, Java, rich media) and the information sent by the portals (bearer, user information and geolocation). It also incorporates the user targeting constraints: capping (controlling the repetition of ads seen per contact) and user scenarios.

ScreenTonic has already signed up a number of advertisers to the trial including Paramount Pictures and Ford, and without a doubt will see success with the trial, as many others already have. If it means free mobile content, especially full-length music tracks, users should have no problem accepting a few relevant mobile advertisements.