Aggressive Mobile Marketing Still Doesn’t Work

Mobile marketing simply doesn’t work if you’re too aggressive. That’s the repeated argument made by no shortage of executives in the mobile marketing and advertising space today, the latest of whom is David Safai, CEO of Mobixa.

“Mobixa LLC is a small company that began in mid 2012 from our parent company, IMC, which has been around for over 15 years,” Safai reveals in a new interview.

“Originally I wanted to be aggressive with our marketing and play these Internet ads three times a week,” he tells The LA Marketing Examiner. “However, our team advised us that we don’t want to overwhelm the consumer and eventually they’ll get to the point of hearing from them. The advice was the exact opposite of what I was expecting to hear, but I learned that if you just educate people, in time they’ll come to you.”

Safai is among the growing number of players in the industry to find that overwhelming consumers isn’t necessarily a smart mobile marketing move – yet its a move that has hindered countless firms that haven’t discovered how this approach can backfire again and again.

With the mobile marketing/advertising industry still in its infancy relative to where it could be in the next decade, the self-regulating nature of the business has led to no shortage of abuses and overstepped-boundaries.

But, with time, it appears that the general failures of aggressive mobile marketing campaigns will do more than anything else to curb their existence.

As a mobile consumer, do you feel that mobile marketing has become more or less aggressive in 2012? Please weigh in with a thought or comment below.