Agency Survey: Brands Are Turning To Mobile, But Still Little Interest In LBS And None In iAd

STRATA published its Q3 Agency Survey recently, detailing the sentiment among brands in relation to marketing spend across all channels.  In terms of digital spend, Online display still reigns supreme, followed by search advertising and mobile rounding out the top three.

The mobile channel, however, showed the strongest growth in terms of brand interest — increasing 91% from Q1 2010 — but interest in location-based advertising fell short once again, with 57.4% of brands saying the concept wont be in their plans for 2011.  Those that are utilizing location are choosing Facebook Places (24%) or Foursquare (22%), according to the survey.

What interesting is that nearly all agencies surveyed (97%) said their clients aren’t requesting platforms like iAd.  Apple’s foray into mobile advertising looks to be reserved for big-name national brands, and that’s exactly what Apple intended from the beginning.  Still, it’s interesting to see such blatant non-interest from advertisers on such a well-hyped platform.

Still, of those diving into the mobile channel, the iPhone remains the top choice with 82.7 percent of respondents targeting the device.  Android is quickly catching up, however, as it’s showing a 9 percent boost since last quarter, with 50% of advertisers now choosing it over others.  Also interesting to note — while mobile display advertising is at the top of the list for clients choosing the mobile channel, SMS came in second with nearly a quarter of respondents saying SMS was a top priority for 2011 and beyond.