Advertising Associations Build Cross-Industry Task Force to Tackle Transparency Issues

Advertising Associations Build Cross-Industry Task Force to Tackle Transparency IssuesThe American Association of Advertising Agencies (known as the “4A’s) and the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) want to get to the bottom of concerns about media transparency.

To that end, the associations are working together via a new task force designed to “identify material issues and to address them with constructive dialogue and pragmatic courses of action.”

According to a recent announcement from the ANA, the task force will be co-chaired by the Chief Executive Officers of both the 4A’s, Nancy Hill, and the ANA, Bob Liodice. A distinguished group of execs with deep experience in the industry will join the task force.

“The Task Force has a very important focus – to ensure that the long standing partnership between clients and agencies is grounded in trust and understanding,” explained Hill. “The issues that we face can be solved and together we are committed to establishing a framework that will ensure that trusted partnership continues.”

ANA CEO Bob Liodice agreed.

“We are genuinely pleased that the leaders of our industry recognize that transparency concerns – real and perceived — need to be addressed and mitigated. Media transactions have become increasingly complex and our priorities must include recommended practices that enhance the understanding of the transaction processes.”

The task force is set to begin its work in May, with a full report expected later in 2015.