AdvaTEX Mobile Media’s Take On Proximity Marketing

I came across a company I’d never heard of today, called AdvaTEX, that’s yet another player in the proximity marketing industry. Most of the time, these companies are located overseas, in places like the U.K and other European countries, only because the technology is more prevalent there, but AdvaTEX looks to be a US-based company, which is surprising.

Their offerings are similar to all proximity marketing providers, with both a software only version, and software and hardware combined version. The software-only version, or AdvaTEX Soft as they call it, is a bit unique when compared to others, because you can actually send the files and media you plan to broadcast with the system to AdvaTEX when you place your order, and they’ll develop the software on CD for you before sending the final product. With all your media already loaded, configured, and ready to go, you can then simply plug in a bluetooth dongle, boot your computer from the CD, and have an instant bluetooth hotspot with little knowledge of how it all works. Their price is $249 for this edition, flat-fee.

I like it because most other providers who offer software-only proximity systems simply offer the basic software as a download and it’s then up to the buyer to figure out how to load media and get it working. The same is true for hardware proximity systems, and they also carry a much higher price.