Advantage Taps Orbee to Improve Email Conquest Marketing for Automotive Marketers

Advantage Dealer Services (ADS) has reportedly implemented Orbee’s analytics platform to become the first email conquest marketing agency in the automotive industry to monitor their conquest campaigns for non-human traffic and other measurable results.

“Starting in May of 2017, all of Advantage’s email conquest campaigns will be monitored by Orbee to ensure email conquest campaigns send the highest percentage of real human traffic interested in purchasing or servicing a car to a dealership’s website,” a provided statement reads.

Bot traffic and ad fraud cost digital advertisers $7.2B in 2016 and based on Orbee’s bot traffic report. 40% of paid digital advertising in the automotive industry consisted of bot traffic.

Additionally, we’re told that Orbee is also working to release a full-attribution machine learning algorithm that Advantage will utilize to track each individual shopper through their entire experience.