Advances in Mobile Marketing Are Getting a “Quick Response”

UDR, Inc., a national real estate consultant and apartment provider, has revealed a significant development in its online marketing program known as the Quick Response bar code. What’s the advantage? QR bar codes can store a larger quantity of information than traditional UPC bar codes.

UDR is currently planning to attach these high tech bar codes to a majority of its print advertising, marketing collateral, website pages and its apartment community locations. Both prospective and current customers will then be able to scan the corresponding QR bar code with their compatible mobile devices. At that point, they will either be directed to the UDR’s website or receive other applicable information via relevant digital media.

“In Japan and in Europe, people use the camera in their phones as a navigation device,” said Dhrubo Sircar, Senior Vice President of Technology for UDR. “They see something of interest, point the phone and related information appears on the cell phone screen. We believe that U.S. businesses and consumers will come to rely on this technology as well, and when they do, we plan to be ready.”

Among the mobile marketing QR barcode tactics presently outlined, they will:

-Provide a link to the website

-Provide an apartment-related message displayed on the screen of the mobile device

-Provide salesperson contact information

-Provide a phone number that is ready to be dialed automatically

-Provide SMS/MMS text messages that are ready to be sent

-Provide apartment community digital media

For more information, check out UDR’s website at