Adults Over Age 25 Remain Biggest Generators of Freemium App Money

Based on new research findings released by mobile analytics company Flurry, mobile game players over the age of 25 are the biggest generators of freemium app revenue.

According to the report, freemium games on iOS and Android “continue to dominate the app economy,” now accounting for over 65% of all revenue generated among the top 100 grossing apps in just the Apple App Store.

Flurry says that players over age 25 now generate 79% of freemium game revenue.

In this report, we focus on the audience who plays these games. Specifically, we study differences between those who play and those who spend money in mobile freemium games. This study uses data from a sample of iOS and Android freemium games with over 20 million users across more than 1.4 billion sessions gathered from Flurry Analytics, which tracks over 110,000 apps across the major smartphone platforms.

Interestingly enough, although players under the age of 24 are responsible for 54% of the time spent playing these games, a meager percentage of overall in-app purchase revenue comes from this group.

“Broadly,” the report reads, “we observe that heavy users of freemium games are younger, while spenders in freemium games are older. The half that uses these games most, 13 – 24 year olds (55% of time spent), deliver only 21% of the revenue. And the half that spends heavily, 25 – 34 year olds (49% of money spent), represent just 29% of usage. We believe much of this has to do with play patterns, disposable income and relative available time.”

Flurry logically concludes that younger players have more time than money, and so this demographic is more inclined to invest their time – but not money – into gaming and its associated bells and whistles.

To read the full report from Flurry, click here.