AdTheorent Delivers Mobile Advertising Industry’s First ‘Truly Clean Supply’

AdTheorent Delivers Mobile Advertising Industry’s First 'Truly Clean Supply'On Monday, AdTheorent — a technology company offering data-driven predictive solutions — announced the completion and implementation of its anti-fraud infrastructure.

As a result, the firm tells MMW that they are now able to deliver the first “truly clean” mobile supply for advertisers.

Tapping its robust data-driven predictive modeling platform and capabilities, AdTheorent uses machine learning and statistical analysis techniques to identify anomalies and aberrational behavior impacting publisher inventory.

Simultaneously, the company says it conducts on-going qualitative reviews of mobile web sites and apps within its network, assigning qualitative scores to each property based on property-specific screenings.

“To ensure a clean supply on our network, we tapped our data mining platform to do what it does best: use machine learning to deliver results, and in this case, it is creating models to detect fraud,” says AdTheorent CEO Anthony Iacovone. “The measures we’ve taken to eradicate fraud on our network, coupled with AdTheorent’s data-driven predictive targeting capabilities, will deliver the highest return on ad spend for our ad partners. The prevalent multi-exchange-connected DSPs are in most cases ignoring the fraud problem or trivializing its importance simply because they offer their advertiser users no viable solution.”