AdTheorent and Celtra Deliver Sweet Success for Trolli Sour Brite Campaign

Why Ad Networks Are Breaching Your IO Agreement, and How to Resolve the 6 Common Compliance IssuesAdTheorent, Inc. and Celtra have earned the right to crow a bit about the firms’ recent successful cross-digital campaign for the Trolli company’s Sour Brite brand.

For the big U.S. gummy brand Sour Brite, the firms delivered a laudable outcome using two innovative technologies: AdTheorent’s Cross-Environment Map (CEM) and Celtra’s Universal Expandable Flex ad format.

“AdTheorent’s CEM is the most comprehensive cross-environment mapping infrastructure in market, enabling the Company to attribute activity across all digital environments to a single digital ID (not tied to a user’s identity), allowing for superior targeting,” according to an announcement emailed to MMW. “This capability, coupled with AdTheorent’s extensive first, second, and third-party data (at scale), enhances the effectiveness of targeting.”

The addition of Celtra’s Universal Expandable Flex ad format, a true cross-screen unit with adaptive and responsive layouts across all devices and platforms, allowed users to experience a consistent brand message across all screens.

“The primary goal of the campaign was to increase brand awareness and drive purchases of Trolli’s Sour Brite product line,” the announcement explains. “Additional goals included positioning Trolli as a leader within the non-chocolate categories and expanding Trolli’s already successful “Weirdly Awesome” campaign.”

An awareness-focused expandable interactive rich media unit featuring auto-played inline video — as well as a store locator to find the nearest location for product purchase — worked like a charm. The ad unit also had a social integration, giving users the option to share a quirky animated GIF or the video they just watched.

“The Trolli “Crawlers for Ballers” campaign was very successful across all environments,” the announcement concludes. “The campaign’s mobile engagement rate was 1.19 percent, which is 213 percent higher than industry average. Desktop also performed well, delivering an engagement rate 57 percent higher than average.”

“The Trolli brand is all about what’s new and creative self-expression, as evident in our ‘Weirdly Awesome’ campaign and our product lineup,” said Jill Manchester, the SVP for Marketing and Brand Strategy at Trolli. “We are thrilled to take that same edgy brand mindset into our digital advertising approach and execution. Not only is the creative spot on, but this innovative ad unit coupled with AdTheorent’s ability to identify these device ids and append them with such extensive data for intelligent targeting is unprecedented.”