AdSpruce’s Viewability Solutions are ‘Bucking the Trend’ of Unseen Ads

Recent reports have stated that as much as £750 million is wasted on display advertising each year (Meetrics, May 2017).

The rise in the number of mobile advertising networks, as well as the proliferation of “middle-men” services, has led to a lack of innovation, banner blindness and poor quality ads, non-viewable ads that slow down a user’s phone, eat battery life and consume needless amounts of data.

However, mobile advertising leaders AdSpruce and their proprietary viewability software are setting the gold standard for video and display advertising on the mobile web.

Every ad delivered by AdSpruce includes a lightweight proprietary viewability software that measures a video’s position on screen and whether or not it is viewable and its play duration. This technology means that every advertiser and brand only pays for measured, verified and viewable impressions that have been seen by genuine users. AdSpruce’s Large Video Banner also exceeds the Media Ratings Council’s official guidelines on viewability.

According to AdSpruce CEO Ian Mullins: “Accurately measuring viewability and optimizing campaign performance based on viewability is one of the most important success factors in advertising right now. Our proprietary viewability software combined with some of the most engaging ad formats in the industry right now allows brands and advertisers to only pay for viewable impressions by real, qualified and engaged users.”

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