AdSpruce Launches New Mobile Ad Type

AdSpruce, an industry leader in creative and dynamic mobile web ads, has launched a mobile ad type that engages the user even more than before.

So how does it work?

Swipe to Engage allows advertisers to connect with users by allowing the user to physically interact with the brand. By adding Swipe to Engage a user is given an incentive to swipe and see what content follows the action.

Swipe to Engage offers brands a solution to get users to physically engage with the ad. The ad type was created with interactivity and creativity in mind. Swipe to Engage can be creatively implemented into mobile web ads in many ways, including allowing the user to Swipe to Engage in order to start a Vertical Video. Another implementation is Swipe to Engage to “unwrap” a product on screen, or to start a full Animated Takeover.

Several successful campaigns have already been completed with Swipe to Engage, in which the advertiser wanted to create a memorable ad experience by having the user interact with the brand within the ad spot.

“Engagement is king on the mobile web. Our Swipe to Engage ad type adds a brand new layer of engagement to mobile web ads, and combined with some of the best creatives on mobile and lightning fast ad servers, AdSpruce now offers one of the most engaging, best looking ads on the planet,” said AdSpruce CEO Ian Mullins.

To learn more about AdSpruce’s mobile video advertising capabilities, click here.