AdSpruce Dishes on How It Increased Engagement of Mobile Web Ads

AdSpruce has released the latest update to its proprietary HTML5 Ad Studio 3.

MMW has learned that through this technology, AdSpruce has massively upgraded its rich media ad offering, providing brands and agencies dynamic, interactive creatives that engage users in fresh new ways on the mobile web.

“This bespoke advertising production suite is fueled by creativity, with AdSpruce providing a creative team that houses a diverse mix of talent, including award-winning filmmakers and sound designers, artists, UX designers, graphic designers and mobile experience developers,” the company tells us.

HTML5 Ad Studio 3 has already been used by select AdSpruce partners to bring creative campaigns to life and ramp up user engagement.

Upon the launch of HTML5 Ad Studio 3, AdSpruce CEO Ian Mullins expressed optimism about the future direction of his company.

“The creative and engagement potential that AdSpruce’s new HTML5 Ad Studio brings to brands is unparalleled,” Mullins says. “With a whole host of interactivity and visual options, brands and agencies will be able to connect with users like never before. I believe we have some of the best-looking ad creatives on mobile devices that grab the user’s attention immediately.”