Ads@Berggi Takes Aim at Mobile Marketing Dilemmas

Berggi, an upstart mobile applications provider, recently unveiled Ads@Berggi, a new advertising platform for mobile applications that aims to solve the what could be the biggest problem for mobile applications providers – gaining a financial return on their advertising-driven mobile traffic.

The new platform, which is presently available as a beta service, attempts to expand the scope and usefulness of mobile marketing campaigns by overcoming several major barriers to successful advertising on the “third screen,” including advertisement placement, opt-in capabilities and user behavioral profile targeting.

According to the company, the Ads@Berggi platform offers three specific capabilities that advertisers are reportedly demanding:

–Â Advertising Placement – previously, mobile advertisers were limited to showing advertisements only at the entry and exit points of a mobile application. With the Berggi platform, advertisers can select advertisement placement anywhere within the mobile application.

–Â User Opt-in – Berggi has brought the interactive element of web advertising to the mobile phone arena, overcoming previous barriers to a high quality mobile user experience. Users can now register or interact with advertised products without leaving their mobile application. In addition, advertisers have a variety of options for choosing how their advertisements interact with users.

– User Behavioral Profile Targeting – until now, mobile advertisers targeted advertisements based on generic or static user profile information, and could not target based on audience usage patterns. Ads@Berggi takes advantage of highly focused user profiles to improve contextual advertisement targeting, which continuously improves as the platform follows and learns from user activity.  Â

Although limited information is presently available online, check out Berggi’s official website for updates as they become available.