AdRoll, Shopify Look to Rectify the Abandoned Cart Crisis

AdRoll, Shopify Look to Rectify the Abandoned Cart CrisisAdRoll, a provider of retargeting ad tech, is integrating with Shopify, a cloud-based, multichannel commerce platform.

According to MAW in a comprehensive report Monday, this “makes it possible to provide e-commerce merchants an ability to retarget customers across devices, all within the Shopify platform.”

For small businesses especially, some means to recoup even a fraction of those “lost orders” could generate thousands in additional revenue.

“By building a deep integration with Shopify, e-commerce businesses of all sizes will be able to implement advanced retargeting strategies with just a few clicks,” the company tells us. “AdRoll will empower thousands of small businesses to solve one of their biggest e-commerce problems: shopping cart abandonment.”

Kendall Briar of MAW calls the integration an attempt to solve a pressing issue. The issue in question? “About 70 percent of all e-commerce shopping carts are ditched,” Briar explains. “In 2015 alone, that could represent more than $4 trillion worth of product left behind.”