Adplotter Goes to the Dogs (and Cats) with Launch of PetPlotter

Adplotter Goes to the Dogs (and Cats) with Launch of PerPlotterAdplotter, a platform for online selling and classifieds, is coming to the animal kingdom.

The organization is launching PetPlotter, a no cost site that lets users post ads for missing pets to hundreds of sites at once.

According to data in a provided statement, over 10 million pets are reported lost every single year.

With the number of lost and stolen animals going up it makes it even harder to recover them. Sometimes we use methods such as pet chips, posters or even large rewards but often tomes even these do not work.

So what exactly is PetPlotter?

PetPlotter “creates a place where you can post pictures and descriptions of your lost pets and with our unique posting program it will automatically post your lost pet ad to hundreds of sites at no cost,” the organization says. “PetPlotter will help your ad reach thousands of people with only one click.”

Want to know more? Check out PetPlotter here.